RedQuits 2.0

Lightweight tool designed to close unresponsive applications.
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In Mac OS X, we use the red X button to close our applications and opened windows; that, however, sometimes can't be applied. Therefore, in these cases brute force is necessary which means bringing up the Activity Monitor, selecting the troublesome process and pressing the Force Quit button. But there exists another solution designed to make the X button work as intended - RedQuits.

RedQuits performs only one function: it provides users with a effective and fast way of closing applications and windows. When enabled, this little tool will run in the background as it has no interface. Its settings include program activation, running at login and quitting only when one window is left for that application.

Note that in order to run properly, RedQuits requires users to enable the Accessibility API. This can be done from the System Preferences panel by checking "Enable access for assistive devices".

Briefly, RedQuits is free to use which makes it very appealing to everyone who wants to avoid encountering annoying applications that just won't close.

Rory Shaffer
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