CrossOver 19.0

It can get your Windows productivity applications and PC games up and running on your Mac quickly and easily.
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CrossOver is a program that, unlike virtual machines or other similar tools, allows you to install and run Windows apps on your Mac without requiring a Windows OS license. This application brings you a comprehensive list of office tools and games which, with only a few clicks, you can install and launch on your Mac without rebooting.

If the Windows app you are looking for isn't available within the offered database, make sure you update the CrossOver's program list. In the event that doesn't work either, go on the homepage of the developer and check whether the application you are trying to install is actually compatible with CrossOver.

A good thing about using this program is that it brings you a built-in search tool. This small utility helps you find any app within the Windows app database.

Even though some programs might not run at their full potential, I still find CrossOver a great solution for using Windows apps on my Mac. Not long ago, I installed a virtual machine on my Mac and I wasn't too happy with the performance of the installed apps, plus it slowed down my PC.

Personally, I find CrossOver to be a great solution for installing and running Windows apps on my Mac. The program is simple to configure, brings numerous Windows applications and games, and you don't have to pay much to use it.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Gives you access to a comprehensive list of Windows apps
  • Comes with a built-in search tool


  • The performance of the Windows app may vary due to high system requirements
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