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Conceal your desktop icons with just a few clicks.
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HiddenMe is a Menu Bar utility designed to clean up your desktop when needed. This program provides you with a quick and simple solution for hiding desktop icons whenever you need a clutter-free screen for making video recordings or taking snapshots.

The tool is packed with easy-to-configure settings, so minimum computer knowledge is required in order to work with HiddenMe. You can set up the program to automatically launch at system login and, if needed, to immediately hide your desktop icons, alter your current wallpaper with a custom background image, etc.

Furthermore, you can define a global hotkey for immediately hiding or revealing desktop icons.

Two more things you need to know about this utility: it might run a bit slow when importing your own desktop wallpaper and the fact that you need to acquire the Pro edition of the tool if you require multiple displays support.

All in all, HiddenMe provides you with a quick solution for concealing desktop icons. It's definitely worth giving it a try as it comes without a price, immediately hides and reveals desktop icons, and is very simple to handle.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Immediately hides and reveals desktop icons
  • You can configure it to automatically launch at system login
  • Brings you an option to automatically hide desktop icons at system login
  • You can define a global hotkey for immediately hiding/revealing desktop icons


  • You need to buy the Pro edition if you require multiple displays support
  • It might take a while to import a custom wallpaper
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