SketchBookPro 7.0

A complex application that enables you to create drawings.
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SketchBookPro is a complex application that enables you to create amazing drawings. The program provides many tools that help you realize the drawings that you want with ease.
SketchBookPro offers many brush styles such as soft air brush, hard air brush, paint brush, felt tip pen, pencil, marker and many others. Like all other painting applications, SketchBookPro provides an eraser, but you can choose from two different types: hard and soft erasers. To each brush that the program provides you can change the size and the color.

This application also comes with patterns that you can include to your drawings. Some of these patterns are: dragonfly, dots, web, fibre, sparkle and others.

SketchBookPro enables you to use a ruler, which will help you draw straight lines. Additionally, you are allowed to use different shapes such as ellipses or circles. Furthermore, this piece of software lets you conveniently change the position of these shapes.

The program has a feature that is copying in perfect symmetry on a side of the canvas what you are drawing on the other side.

In conclusion, SketchBookPro is a smart application that comes in your help and enables you to realize wonderful drawings with maximum ease.

Abbie Crang
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