PleaseSleep 2.3

This Mac app lets you set a sleep timer for your computer.
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Jerry Du

PleaseSleep is a helpful Mac application that provides you with a solution for whenever other programs prevent your system from going to sleep mode. This tool brings you an efficient way to save battery power and lower the electricity consumption at your home or office.

The program offers direct access to the Mac's Energy Saver tool where you can choose after what interval of time your PC should go to sleep. Once you select the proper values, you can enable PleaseSleep's activity.

An advantage of this app is that it allows you to keep an Exceptions list. If any of the utilities added to this list is running, the program cannot put your computer to sleep.

A downside about this application is that there's a chance that the tool might not be able to function properly if the screensaver mode is turned on. This aspect might prove to be quite annoying to those who cannot live without screensavers on their desktop.

Cutting long story short, PleaseSleep proves to be a useful program when it comes to getting your PC to sleep mode. The app is very simple to configure, communicates well with Mac's Energy Saver, and comes with no price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy to configure settings
  • Offers direct access to Mac's Energy Saver
  • Allows you to keep an app exceptions list


  • The app might not detect a sleep event if the screensaver mode is enabled
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