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PDF Reader Pro 2.7

Read, edit, and add notes to various PDFs.
Work with standard and image PDF documents. Select the files to open and view the pages, browse through them, access editing options or add notes to the parts of the file you need to be annotated. Highlight, underline and draw freehand on any page, save changes, export data, etc.

PDF Reader Pro is a versatile tool with a misleading name. While it is true that the app can let you read PDF documents, it also has many more features. In this respect, it is actually a PDF editor that allows creating new documents, editing existing ones and converting to a wide range of other formats.

PDF Reader has a straightforward interface resembling that of a word processor. Luckily, there is a welcome screen that lets you pick one of the supported operations. Besides, you will probably agree that it is quite convenient to be able to open various documents in different tabs.

In viewing mode, the app lets you guide your reading with bookmarks, outlines and thumbnails. It is also good that, just like other similar products, PDF Reader Pro supports making annotations of various types. For instance, you can highlight, underline and strikeout text. It is also possible to add shapes and sticky notes. What is more, you can insert hyperlinks to external resources. Moreover, you can enjoy some reading conveniences, like viewing a single page or two facing pages at a time. Similarly, you can use a different background or switch to night reading mode.

As an editor, PDF Reader Pro lets you create a new document not only from scratch but also by importing printed documents from a scanner. In this respect, it is great that it supports using optical character recognition to make the scanned texts searchable. Likewise, it can also create a new PDF from a set of images or by merging various existing documents.

When used as a format converter, PDF Reader Pro supports multiple document formats, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. As to this, it is worth mentioning that it does a good job in turning the tables in a PDF into an XLS file.

All in all, PDF Reader Pro has a valuable set of features that let you read and edit PDF documents quite comfortably. The app is available in Lite edition, which is totally free but lacks many of the more advanced features and severely restricts the number of pages it can process. So, if you want more than the basics, you need to pay for the full edition.

Pedro Castro
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  • Versatile
  • Accurate OCR performance
  • Recognizes tables and converts them to Excel


  • The free version restricts the number of pages
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