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Tool designed to make it easier for visual-thinkers to develop applications.
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Kaleido is a tool that is designed to help visual-thinkers program. You can use Kaleido to create personally meaningful visuals for your code. Kaleido allows individuals to plan, organize, and navigate code in the idiosyncratic way we each think. Kaleido is based on the Processing project, acting as an augmented interface for the Processing Development Environment and the Processing Language.

Kaleidoscopes allow us to a myriad of visual patterns, and the Kaleido project also aims to allow people to see their code in myriad ways. This project was based on the belief that we all have our own individual ways of thinking about and approaching programming problems, and that if programming tools could allow us to visually document these idiosyncratic ways of thinking, the process of creating with code could be made more intuitive.

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