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A lightweight and effective Hex editor that can handle large file sizes.
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0xED is a hex editor that allows users to view the hexadecimal representation of any input disk file. The application makes it possible to modify values under different formats: binary, float, double, octal, string, 8 /16 / 32 / 64 bit signed and unsigned. It stands out among similar applications due to its ability to work with large files.

Using this tool I made bit-level selections by dragging the mouse cursor over a section of the hexadecimal or textual contents. The application includes a search function for looking up both types of data: offset search (for hex) and text search.

In terms of displaying file contents, you may also choose between different number modes (hex, decimal), write modes (insert, overwrite), endianness (a popular method used by programmers in order to sort data bytes according to their significance) as well as text encodings. Please note that 0xED can handle data as well as resource forks; with this tool you will be able to edit any file regardless of type, contents or size.

0xED is a small application and so you shouldn't expect the flexible set of features of other popular hex editors: no automation features, color coding, memory / disk editing capabilities. In spite of all this though, it's fast, simple to use and most effective for simple hex editing tasks.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Jump to offset
  • Plug-in support
  • Big / little Endian views
  • Edit resource fork


  • No color coding
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