PlistEdit Pro 1.9

Generate and modify JSON or PLIST files.
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Access and view the file structure and modify property lists. Create JSON or PLIST files for Mac programs. Copy and paste content, organize items in a custom order, alter the item’s class by changing the array, boolean, data, date, dictionary, number, or string parameters.

PlistEdit Pro helps you create property list files (.plist), which are serialized objects that can store user settings, information about bundles and applications as well as localization data. Besides .plist files, the application lets you create and edit JSON files as well.

The tool is very simple to use. You can edit properties as a tree list, to which you can new child and sibling entries depending on the desired structure. Moreover, it is possible to drag items to other locations in the list. Luckily, various data types are supported, including array, Boolean, data, date, dictionary, string and number. Then, as you create your list, the corresponding code is updated in the bottom panel. In this regard, you can select the format from raw XML and JSON. Properties can be easily navigated and changed. Luckily, it is possible to use the built-in search function to find specific keys and values. Last but not least, you can take the use of the tool a little further by incorporating AppleScript code to automate some tasks.

Moreover, you can change your preferences. For instance, it is allowed to change font styles and color. Similarly, the tool supports using different sorting preferences as well as setting the default class and property list format. more

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  • Supports XLM and JSON formats
  • Supports automating tasks with AppleScript
  • Customizable formats


  • May contain bugs related to reverting to previous file versions


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