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Keep an eye on your spending, so you don't run out of credit.

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Unobtrusively monitor usage information for some of Australia's most popular mobile phone and internet service providers.
Keep an eye on your spending, so you don't run out of credit, or go over your plan's quotas.
For mobiles on plans, Usage shows you how much you've spent on calls, data, SMS and MMS.
For prepaid mobiles you can see the amount of credit you have left.
For internet connections, see how much data you've used.
Usage also gives you estimates of how much of your quota you should use per day, your total usage, and if you'll run out early.
A graph showing your usage is displayed in your menu bar, and you can click the graph to access detailed usage information.
Graphs are customisable, too – you can set their colour, whether they're a pie graph or a bar graph, and display information about the account as text next to the graph.
For prepaid accounts, the graph is replaced with the amount of remaining quota you have, in dollars, megabytes, or minutes.

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