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Immediately share files and folders to various destinations across your LAN.
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DropCopy is a utility that provides you with a quick and easy solution for sharing files and folders to multiple destinations across your LAN network. This program might come in handy to people who need to constantly exchange files with their colleagues in the office spaces.

You can use this tool to immediately send important documents to other employees and share local directories with a click of a button.

DropCopy lives in your Menu Bar from where you can change the way it operates. It also places a circle on the upper-left side of your desktop where you can drop the files and folders you need to share. Before sending any data you first need to enter details regarding the recipient address (IP address and optionally its nickname).

The program is packed with simple to configure settings, so you won't need much computer experience to work with DropCopy, Simply follow the aforementioned instructions and you will immediately send the data you need to your recipients.

Another great thing is that the utility uses a very small amount of CPU resources while operating in the background.

To be honest, DropCopy is one of the best LAN data sharing tools I tested on my Mac. It's very intuitive, works 100%, and immediately gets the job done. Plus, it's free for personal use with up to 3 Macs. For commercial use, you need to pay an affordable fee.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with easy-to-configure settings
  • Immediately completes the given tasks
  • Uses minimum CPU resources


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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