Eddie 3.4

A lightweight and powerful code editor mainly intended for Objective C and C++.
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Eddie is a code editor mainly intended for Objective C and C++, but it also supports other programming languages, such as Xcode, HTML, Ragel, Antlr, PHP, and Ruby. Unlike other heavy similar tools, Eddie is very lightweight yet powerful enough to support editing large files without any strain to the system.

Eddie’s interface is quite similar to that of a common editor. In this respect, its main window is a worksheet, which allows saving commands and reuse them if it is necessary. The editor lets you open separate tabs to work on various simultaneous documents. Besides, it allows organizing your project’s assets into worksets.

I really appreciate the tool’s support of multiple clipboards as well as the possibility to configure keyboard shortcuts for an easier access to several of its functions. Moreover, it is good that the application supports such source control systems as Subversion, Git and Perforce.

Fortunately, the tool comes with various features that facilitate code writing. For instance, it supports code completion, symbol lookup, function popup and syntax coloring. What is more, it comes with C++ and Obj-C prototyper. However, the autocompletion of web-oriented languages, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS is not so good.

To conclude, Eddie is certainly a useful tool in the hands of developers due to its versatility. Luckily, it allows using shell commands, installing plugins as well as editing remote documents stored on SFTP/SSH servers. With all this in mind, you will probably be glad to know that this product is free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a long array of programming languages
  • Supports code completion, symbol lookup, function popup and syntax coloring
  • Supports source control systems
  • C++ and Obj-C prototype
  • Supports editing large files


  • Autocompletion of HTML, JavaScript and CSS code may be faulty
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