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A Chromium-based browser intended for web development and testing.
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Blisk is a Chromium-based browser with a specific purpose: it is intended to help in the process of prototyping, designing and developing web sites and applications. The browser can be used just as any other standard browser and, being based on Chromium, it certainly inherits not only its core but also most of its appearance.

Thus, Blisk has features common to most modern browsers, such as tabs that let you view various pages simultaneously. However, what makes it really different is that it can emulate multiple types of handheld devices, like smartphones and tablets. For this purpose, there is a narrow sidebar from which you can pick the portable device you want to try your page on. In this respect, the browser is able to simulate such characteristics of the target device’s screen as resolution and pixel ratio.

Fortunately, you can have a side-by-side view of the page as it would look on both a desktop browser and that of the selected portable device. Yet, that is not all, both views are also synchronized, which means that scrolling the page on one of the views causes its parallel view to scroll as well. Likewise, there will be two synchronized pointers. Even though this product is continuously updated to support other devices, it is a shame that it is possible that you do not find the one you are trying to emulate.

There are some other advantages that help developers create bug-free responsive websites. For instance, the pages opened on the browser will automatically refresh to show any change you make on the underlying code, which makes it ideal for tracking modifications in real time. Moreover, since it integrates with bug trackers and project management systems, the browser can easily monitor code quality, alert you about JavaScript errors and help you speed up page load. Luckily, there are also other convenient features, particularly when you are working as a part of a team, including the possibility to take screenshots and record video, which then may be automatically uploaded to the cloud and shared with others.

All in all, Blisk is an essential tool for web developers as it allows them to try their pages without needing to use the actual device. It also allows comparing how your pages look like on different screens as well as reviewing code changes as they are made. The product is what would be called Freemium, which means that it can be used at no cost with a reasonable set of features. However, should you need more, it would be necessary to purchase a Pro license.

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  • Allows parallel synchronized views of your pages
  • Automatic updates pages
  • Helps find bugs
  • Allows taking screenshots and videos and sharing them on the cloud


  • May not include all possible portable devices


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