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MenuCalendarClock iCal
Objectpark Software
MenuCalendarClock iCal gives...
instant access to your iCal calendars...schedule list - Opens iCal by double-clicking
Dates to iCal 2
John Maisey
Dates to iCal 2 is a replacement for Apple's iCal birthday calendar that has a range of features that has made it indispensable...
to iCal 2 is a replacement for Apple's iCal...Book, Dates to iCal 2 can sync
iCal Cleaner
free rating
BusyMac LLC
iCal Cleaner is a free Mac application that was designed to help...
events and alarms from iCal...or appointments. Using the iCal Cleaner
Doodle iCal Connector
free rating
Doodle AG
Doodle iCal Connector is an application designed to allow users to easily synchronize...
to easily synchronize iCal calendars...synchronization. Note that iCal Connector
iCal Helper
Apple Inc.
iCal Helper is an example of a rapidly prototyped tool to fulfill a specific task using AppleScript...
from Entourage to iCal difficult...delayed stock quotes into iCal calendars
Kerio Connect
Kerio Technologies
Kerio Connect (previously known as MailServer...
Kerio Connect (previously known...Connect comes with groupware support for Outlook, Entourage, iCal
NUD to iCal
free rating
BusyMac LLC
NUD to iCal is a free utility that copies events from Now Up...
a new calendar in iCal for each category...has been transferred to iCal, it will instantly sync
Dates to iCal
John Maisey
Dates to iCal is an alternative to Apple's iCal birthday calendar that has a range of features that has made it indispensable...
alternative to Apple's iCal birthday calendar...indispensable for many iCal and Address Book
TimeTrade iCal Connector
free rating
TimeTrade Systems, Inc.
A calendar tool that runs in the background on your Mac, taking your TimeTrade appointments...
onto your Mac's iCal calendar...iCal Connector, you MUST disconnect your previously connected
Blue Jeans Scheduler for Mac
free rating
Blue Jeans Network, Inc.
Blue Jeans Scheduler for Mac gives you one-click entry to upcoming meetings, lets you schedule future meetings...
hoc collaboration. You can connect with iCal, Outlook
iCal Events
free rating
Ben Kazez
iCal Events... Face the day! Always know what's next on your schedule using...
schedule using iCal Events. iCal Events displays...events from multiple iCal calendars
Portable iCal
Carlo Gandolfi
Portable iCal.app is a shell script that open local copy of iCal™ using preferences...
/Application Support/iCal and ~/Library/Caches/iCal folders and ~/Library
XC Connect for OS X
Xchange Network LLC.
XC Connect for OS X manages the transfer of data between the Apple iCAL and Address Book...
effectively using applications (iCAL and Address Book...any other supported XC Connect client. Access
Connect Daily Web Calendar
rating MH Software
A great looking web calendar that's easy to integrate...
CSV import/export, and iCal support. Resource management including
iCal Backup AppleScript
free rating BusyMac
iCal allows you to create a backup file by selecting File > Back up...
the backup file. Restoring iCal from a backup works...if you could configure iCal to create backups