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MenuCalendarClock iCal 4.5

MenuCalendarClock iCal gives you instant access to your iCal calendars from a menu bar icon.
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MenuCalendarClock iCal is a menu calendar that plays nice with iCal. It allows you to see your iCal calendar from the menu bar, without having to open the application at all. The fact that Apple hasn't added this functionality goes beyond me. It is a great way of saving time and it isn't that hard to do. Other than letting you see the dates of your calendar, MenuCalendarClockiCal also lets you see the days in which you have events set. They will be highlighted in blue by default. If you put your mouse pointer on top of a date, the name of the event is displayed, or you can click on the date and the full list of events will be shown at the bottom of the calendar.

Perhaps, one of the best features of this app is the ability to create new events without opening iCal. You do this by clicking on the date in which you want to create an event and clicking on the button bellow the calendar and clicking on "Create New Event", you can also create a new To-Do item. A window will pop-up which allows you to set a title for your event and a location, time, repeat value, alarm, URL and a note. The trial version doesn't allow you to save these events. You have to purchase the app to test those.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you to see and add events to iCal from the menu bar
  • It displays a nice calendar


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