iCal-Alarmist 1.3

Set events and alarms in your calendar with customized intervals.
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Create alarms to remind you about important events in your calendar. Modify intervals without the need to set the event to repeat. The app creates multiple fixed repeats for particular events, links to your Address Book to sync birthdays and provides access to Attendees, backs up calendars to a folder of choice, and offers an online version check for fast response to iCal changes.

iCal-Alarmist... To summarize : Do a lot of things that you might be able to do manually quicker and in one go with iCal-Alarmist with a new interface with tabs. Create events and alarms with free intervals but without the need to set the event to repeating : Alarmist can set a number of fixed repeats now for individual events! Linked to your Address Book for easy access to Attendees.
- Backup calendars to a fixed folder with dates.
- Set Notes and Titles for recurring events with an alarm in one go.
- Online version check for quicker response to iCal changes.Alarmist is an easy and secure way to make sure that you have reminders for all the things in your calendars. When Alarmist opens it automatically lists all WRITE-enabled calendars in your ical. This is important because you should know that the so-called "birthday calendar" which you can enable in iCal's preferences, is NOT a real calendar at all and will therefore not show up in the list. It is a READ only text listing of birthdays in your address book. That is why you could never edit it or add alarms. But rest assured : Alarmist 1.3 can help here too. It will sync the birthdays from your Address-book to a calendar of your choice (f.i. my_birthdays)and it can automatically add alarms. This new version of Alarmist has a special TAB for that. And from there it's just a couple of clicks to a full sync. To summarize : Do a lot of things that you might be able to do manually quicker and in one go with iCal-Alarmist.



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