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Manage and organize a calendar on your Mac.
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Establish an advanced calendar module in your system, replacing the classic iCal. Organize, update, and edit an interactive address book, add custom dates and deadlines, synchronize dates and their monitoring between applications, add reminders and notifications, etc.

Dates to iCal 2 is a nice plug-in for Mac OS X's iCal. It allows you to sync Address Book to iCal in a way that all your birthday information on Address Book is shown in iCal. In other words, Dates to iCal automatically puts birthdays in iCal from your Address Book.

The application does this automatically the first time it runs. From the settings menu, you can customize the way that birthday events are added to iCal. For example, you can change the way birthday information is displayed. By default, the events are added like this: First name + Last name + Ordinal age. So, if your contact Pete is turning 28, it will show as "Pete's 28th birthday." For all birthday events, the application adds alarms 2 days before a birthday or anniversary. You can customize the type of the alarm, the date and time.

One nice feature about this app is that you can set it to only grab birthdays from a specific group in Address Book.

All in all, this is a free tool that works great and it is a nice way of never forgetting an important birthday or anniversary again.

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