XC Connect for OS X 3.2

Manage the transfer of data between the Apple iCAL and Address Book apps.
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Xchange Network LLC.
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XC Connect for OS X manages the transfer of data between the Apple iCAL and Address Book applications and the Xchange Network (XCN) Server.
XC Connect for OS X allows users to share data and collaborate effectively using applications (iCAL and Address Book) they are already familiar with.

- Share Address Book, Calendar and/or Task data with other users that may be using iCAL and Address Book, Entourage, Outlook or any other supported XC Connect client.
- Access data (Address Book, Calendar, and/or Tasks) that are shared with them regardless of its source.

Main Features:

- Easy install (less than 60 seconds),
- Integrates automatically with iCAL and Address Book,
- All shared data is conveniently organized by "Folders",
- Runs transparently in the background,
- Maintains the data on the user's computer (should they disconnect from the network, they would still have access to all shared data),
- Allows the user to synchronize to the XCN Server on the interval of their choice (from as frequent as every minute to as long as 99,999 minutes or even "manually",
- Data transfer between the user's computer and the XCN Server is encrypted, as is the data on the XCN Server,
- No "Personal" data is shared until the user specifically grants access to another user to that data and,
# Does not affect or interfere with existing email setups.

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