World's Greatest Places Mahjong

World's Greatest Places Mahjong

This app provides you with dozens of Mahjong games.

World's Greatest Places Mahjong is an entertaining board game that brings you a wide range of boards to clear out and offers you info about locations like Rome, ancient Egypt, India, and much more. Your goal is to match identical tiles and empty your board before you run out of time.

Each new level has a special set of tiles which you need to match in order to complete the mission. The faster you finish the level, the higher your final score will get. A good thing is that the app automatically saves your game progress and you don't need to start from scratch when relaunching the game.

Another advantage of World's Greatest Places Mahjong is that it also brings an option to highlight the tiles that are not blocked and can be matched, and hide the ones that have other pieces on their left or right side.

The Simple Mode of this program provides you with additional Mahjong boards. The more levels you complete before you run out of time, the more missions you unlock.

To conclude, World's Greatest Places Mahjong is a fun game for Mac that offers you dozens of challenging levels and helps you put your Mahjong skills to the test.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface
  • Provides you with dozens of challenging levels
  • Comes with a help guide
  • Automatically saves game progress
  • Offers you hints


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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