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Moonlight Mahjong

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Moonlight Mahjong is a Mahjong solitaire game for the Mac. It is a 3D Mahjong game which can be played in a full-screen mode and which has excellent graphics and multiple levels. The game has been released for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, but it is not available on the Mac. In the game, you play against a computer, and the first one who solves the puzzle wins.

If you don't know what Mahjong is, let me briefly explain it: it is a puzzle game in which you should remove all the tiles from the board by matching them in pairs. You need to click on two identical pieces to eliminate them. You can click only on tiles that are not blocked by other tiles on the sides or which don't have other tiles above them.

There are many levels which vary in difficulty. I had never played this type of solitaire before, but I found it very easy when I was playing the first few levels. After a while, the layout of the puzzles changed and the game became much more challenging, which is great.

Moonlight Mahjong lets you play in four different modes: Scramble Mode, Challenge Mode, Puzzle Mode and Relaxation Mode. The first mode pits you against a computer on different levels of increasing difficulty. The second mode also lets you compete against the AI, but in the full puzzle mode, and there's only one level. The third mode has no time limit and the "Relaxation mode" lets you just clear the puzzles and it automatically reshuffles when you are out of matches.

José Fernández
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