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Throw six dice per turn and score as many points as possible.
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Farkle is a very simple, free dice game for Mac. In Farkle, you throw six dice per turn. Only the number 1 and 5 score, but if you get three dice of the same number, you can also score. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible after 9 rounds. When you start a game, the computer will roll the dice for you in a virtual cup. You can click on the dice that you want to cash in for points, or to hold them. For example, if you get a couple of fives and a one, you can hold them and roll the remaining three dice again, to see if you can score points on those fives and the one by getting more fives and ones. If you get three fives and three ones, you will get quite a good score. But that is a lucky hand. After this second roll, you can cash in any new dice that you get and go on to the next round. When you don't have any possibilities to score in a round or you attempted to score a triple dice and it didn't work, you will get what is called a Farkle. This means that you lose all points for that hand.

Farkle is a game of chance. You can play it with friends if you want. To do that, you would just let one person play and then write down the score, and then have somebody else play, and so on. It is a free game and it can be fun if you like this type of games.

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