Reversi Multiboard

Reversi Multiboard 1.2

Revolutionary version of the popular game Reversi, a game that has been played for generations.
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Eicus Software S.L.

Reversi Multiboard is a revolutionary version of the popular game Reversi, a game that has been played for generations.
Are you one of the many fans of this game? Then you'll love Reversi Multiboard as you choose and/or design your own game board.
You can now play Reversi whenever and wherever you go as Reversi Multiboard has been specially designed for mobile and touch devices. Compete against a friend or against the computer.
Reversi Multiboard Highlights:
- Tutorial that will explain the details of the game in a clear and simple way.
- Excellent and fun graphics, animations, music and sound effects.
- 3 different board styles: Professional, Classic and Modern, each one with its own ambient music.
- Hours of fun with the different game boards. Besides the classic board 8x8 we also offer you plenty of new configurations.
- Board Editor: Create your own boards and share them with other players of our community.
- Download online boards: Try new boards created by other players. You will always find new challenges!
- Possibility of 2-player games as well as 1 player mode where you challenge yourself with the computer.
- 6 difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Expert.
- Advanced Artificial Intelligence. Do you like challenges? We invite you to try the Expert level.
- Point system: Play against the computer and earn points if you win, but if you lose the game you will lost them. The higher your game level, the more points will be at stake.
- “Achievement” system: As you gain points you will “unlock” one by one all the 7 achievements available. For each achievement unlocked you will earn rewards which give you the possibility to publish your boards online, earn the title "Master" and/or unlock the hardest difficulty levels.
- Challenge mode: Try to beat your own record from game to game.

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