Instantane Printable Collage Maker 1.5

Free Create your own printable photo collages starting from templates.
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Instantane – Printable Collage Maker does exactly what its name suggests: This tool helps you create your collages with any images or photographs, which you can later print and keep as memories. It is very easy to use; still, there is no help documentation in case you have any questions.

The app’s interface is very simple and there are no hidden features. In fact, there is just one window. Most of the screen space is devoted to showing your collage in a WYSIWYG way. There is a list of the available images on the left, including recently used pics and the ones in the library. Likewise, there are various templates you can choose from on the right. Moreover, you can set your collage size and change its orientation at any time. Besides, you can configure the style of the dividers between images.

A template supports adding up to 9 photographs, which you can do by simply dragging and dropping each of them to the marked space. Once the images are positioned, you can also pan, zoom and rotate them as you like.

I understand this app is meant to be simple so that it can be used by anyone. Still, it lacks some options that you would expect from a tool of this type. For instance, you may feel there are not so many templates, like those that allow overlapping parts of your photos or slanting them a little. Similarly, it does not allow even basic editing of your pictures. Besides, there are not enough border options. What is more, there are no background options whatsoever. more

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Pedro Castro
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  • Various templates
  • Supports drag-and-drop operations
  • Allows panning, zooming and rotating images


  • Not so many templates
  • Does not allow even basic editing of your pictures
  • Not enough border options
  • No background options


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