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Customize preferences related to mouse buttons and gestures.
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Smooze is intended to overcome the limitations of macOS in terms of customizing mouse functions. In this respect, the application allows setting preferences related to mouse buttons and gestures that are not readily implemented in your operating system.

The app is quite easy to use. You need to set it the first time you run it, and if you feel this initial configuration is too difficult, you can always ask someone to help you. From then on, Smooze will automatically start with the system and run silently, only visible for its item in the status bar.

The configuration of Smooze is quite visual, as there are examples of the future behavior of the intended mouse function. Besides, there is much text information to help you in every step. However, the dark interface may have not enough contrast for those users with eyesight impediments.

Much of the emphasis is placed in setting scroll behaviors, such as the number of lines that will roll with each mouse wheel turn. Likewise, you can customize mouse button actions, like opening shortcuts, managing media applications and selecting opened apps. Last but not least, probably the best feature of Smooze is that it lets you use completely customized mouse gestures with a wide range of applications.

All in all, Smooze can increase your productivity by saving you the effort of using various click combinations to do something you could do in fewer steps. The product is shareware and can be tried for a few days. Since it is quite affordable, you may want to purchase it after trying it.

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  • Adds lots of new functions to your mouse
  • Helps increase productivity
  • Very unobtrusive


  • The interface is too dark and with poor contrast


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