SecondBar 1.1

SecondBar creates a copy of your Menu Bar for your second display.

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SecondBar is a simple and practical Mac application that puts at your disposal a second Menu Bar with the same functionality as the original one. This small piece of software can come in handy, especially if you are using two monitors and you don't want to constantly move your mouse to the default display in order to access your Menu Bar.

After launching SecondBar, the second Menu Bar will instantly appear under the original one and you can easily move it to your second display, hide it or reset its position with just a click of a mouse.

A nice feature that this application provides you with is the fact that, compared to your original Menu Bar, you can easily change its opacity of your second bar or you can even make it draggable so that you can position it wherever you want on your second display. You can do all that simply by accessing the "Preferences" menu.

Even though SecondBar was designed to make an exact copy of your original Menu Bar, it has some limitations. You might notice that it moves slower in various situations and the behavior of the buttons might be a bit different.

Overall, it is a simple and intuitive Mac application that creates a copy of your Menu Bar so that you can display it on a second monitor.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Very easy to use
  • Customizable opacity
  • You can drag it to any position


  • Different behavior
  • Slower than the original Menu Bar
  • Doesn't support some programs
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