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SSD Fan Control 2.13

Configure fan speed settings on your Mac computer.
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SSD Fan Control is a fan management utility that comes in handy if you're dealing with a noisy hard disk fan. With its help, you can adjust the fan speed of the hard disk and optical drive according to your needs.

After installing the program on your Mac you will need to restart your computer. The "Restart" option will be displayed as soon as the installation process is complete and you cannot ignore the aforementioned step. So, make sure you save your work before clicking the "Restart" button to avoid losing any important data in the process.

The interface of the utility consists of a single window where you see real-time information regarding the fan speed of your hard disk and optical drive. The program also displays the current temperature of your hard disk and optical drive.

To change the fan speed for the hard disk and optical drive simply select the "Manual" option and enter the desired values. SSD Fan Control immediately applies the needed changes, without slowing down the performance of your system in the process.

After reading various reviews left by its users and testing the tool on my Mac, I came to the conclusion that the tool proves to be a reliable solution for adjusting fan speed. Plus, it's free. So, I can't find any reason why you shouldn't at least give it a try.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Enables you to overrule the automatic fan control and manually configure the fan speed
  • Doesn't slow down your Mac while operating
  • Displays real-time data


  • You need to restart your Mac after installing the tool
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