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Movie Explorer is the type of program that comes in handy if you're dealing with a large video collection and wish to easily catalog it. The utility is compatible with various video formats, comes with an efficient search tool, and helps you quickly find missing information about your films.

This tool won't help you keep a wishlist or manage info about the videos you borrow to other people. Instead, it analyzes your movie collection and automatically sorts it into various groups (HD, Stereoscopic, etc.).

The more information you provide about the imported movies, the better this program will organize your collection. For example, Movie Explorer creates individual categories for the films based on their genre (horror, comedy, etc.). You also have access to a built-in search tool which helps you immediately locate the film entry you need.

Two things bother me about this tool: it lacks an option to quickly export your catalog info and the fact that you need to pay to manage your TV show collection.

Still, you've got nothing to lose if you decide to give it a shot on your Mac and see how it works.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a search tool
  • Supports various video formats
  • Helps you find missing movie info
  • Brings you a built-in duplicate finder


  • You need to pay in order to manage TV show info
  • Lacks an option to immediately export your movie list
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