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Manage your book collections conveniently in one place.
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theLibrarian is designed to help you manage your book collections conveniently in one place. The tool allows you to catalog books and associated documents, so you can reach their content and retrieve related information with ease.

The first time you launch the app, you face a rather dull interface, with nothing extraordinary or impressive. But once you open your library, the main window changes into a bookcase, with wooden shelves that give you the impression of a cosy reading environment. With this program, you have the chance to create as many libraries as you want. Each collection can be renamed and tagged according to your preferences. The tool supports importing both online and internal files, which you can group into one or multiple collections. You can enrich your entries with covers and document details taken from online sources, such as the author, the publisher, the genre and so on. In case the data is incomplete or distorted, you can modify it with ease. The program also allows you to create blank entries which you can edit and fill in with information of your own. An advanced search engine lets you find with sharp precision the documents you are looking for, based on multiple search criteria you are free to combine.

To conclude, theLibrarian is a versatile cataloguing application that offers to organize your favorite books, magazines, articles, comics, and other similar documents into custom collections that meet your filtering requirements. The tool supports sharing libraries, reading digital books, moving documents to and from the cloud, converting between several book formats, and editing book metadata with ease.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Flexible book cataloguing
  • Group books into multiple collections
  • Create your own digital books
  • Advanced book search
  • Edit book metadata
  • Import books from both internal and online sources


  • Doesn't support all book formats
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