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Manage your DVD collection directly from your Mac.
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Movie Collector is a program designed for Mac users who are dealing with messy DVD collections and are looking for an easy way to inventory them. This application helps you find detailed information regarding your films, helps you manage DVD loan details, and provides you with quick solution for organizing your home movies.

Even though its appearance might seem a bit overwhelming due to its numerous functions and built-in tool, this utility is quite simple to handle. You can use the integrated search tool to find missing DVD information or import folders containing your movies. The application will immediately fetch the details you need and you can start managing your movie collection data.

You can transfer the stored information to your smartphone directly from the app's interface or sync it across your CLZ Cloud account.

Movie Collector also provides you with a quick way to print your DVD list with just a few clicks. However, it supports only 3 output formats when exporting the stored data: CLZ, TXT, and XML.

Briefly, Movie Collector is a helpful video inventorying utility that offers you many useful features, at a very reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a powerful search tool
  • You can print DVD collection list with just a few clicks
  • Lets you sync stored data across your CLZ Cloud account


  • Unappealing interface
  • Supports only 3 formats when exporting stored info
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