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30 Jan 2018
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30 Nov 2016
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2 Nov 2016
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5 Mar 2016
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16 Jun 2015
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What's new

v2.3 [9 May 2021]
• Restores indexing of collections when using the Import Apple TV Library function.
• Improved feedback when opening inaccessible files.
• Improved cleanup of data after indexing or refreshing a location.

v1.8 [30 Jan 2018]
- All settings related to files are moved to a new tab page Files in the Preferences panel.
- A new setting Auto correct file paths of remounted volumes is part of the said new tab page. With this setting, which is enabled by default, you can disable the new network file access behavior described above.
- A new setting Inspector poster image quality has been added to the Advanced tab of the Preferences panel. With this you can fine tune how large the poster image should be that's being used in the right side inspector panel of the Movies and TV Shows views.
- A visual glitch with the Preferences panel in macOS 10.12 has been fixed.
- The iTunes button in the Touch Bar has been updated, plus some other small details are improved.
- Deleting the search text in the Studios view will no longer result in a crash.

v1.7 [30 Nov 2016]
- New option to set an image in the Gallery viewer as Desktop wallpaper.
- Prevents a crash when a four digit number is used as start of a filename followed by an episode indicator.
- Improved title matching of filenames containing phrase 'x265'.
- Fixed real-time update of the 'Recently Added' and 'HD Video' filters when changing preferences.

v1.6 [2 Nov 2016]
- New language settings for localizable movie and TV show data.
- Batch update function to update localizable data with new language settings.
- New sorting options in the Movies and TV Shows views.
- The search field works now on app level instead of view level.
- Locations can now be renamed.
- iTunes Store integration.
- Navigate quickly through your TV show collection with the new TV Shows sidebar.
- You can now maintain a Watchlist for movies and episodes.
- Both the sidebar and the History popover menu are extended with a Watchlist filter.
- The content of the Watchlist is bi-directionally synced with Trakt.
- Automatic Watchlist update functions for TV Shows.
- Added a Trakt info panel.
- Option to show an unwatched counter as app icon badge.
- Added an option to set the minimum resolution for the HD video sidebar filter.
- Added an option to hide counters in the sidebar panel.
- Added an option to hide ratings in the Movies and TV Shows views.
- Corrected a sync issue related to watch progress after marking a movie as Watched.

v1.5 [5 Mar 2016]
- Fixed an excessive auto resize issue of the Sidebar and Inspector panels.
- Improved refresh of the Movies and TV Shows views after syncing with Trakt.
- Enhanced display of drms files in the Files view.
- Added a Duration column in the Files view.
- Deletion of files from the catalog is no longer allowed when scanning is still in progress.
- Scrollbars in the main form are now forced to use 'overlay style' when using a classic scroll wheel mouse.
- Solves an issue with unsharp grayscale flag icons on Retina displays.

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