iCandy 0.4

Take the opportunity to set up iCandy with Flickr and Twitter
0.4.19 (See all)
Ricoh Innovations, Inc.

Open the iCandy Print window by clicking on the iCandy icon at the top of your screen and then clicking on the gear icon. A dropdown window should appear. Select Print. The Print window should appear.
- Surf the web to your favorite websites or select your favorite track on iTunes
- When you find a site or song you want to share, click on the track or link in your browser and drag it to the iCandy print menu
- When you've got all your songs and websites loaded, select from the print menu to print cards.
- To create a QR Code for a text message simply click on the Create Text option and enter a message of any length.
- You can print locally or upload your images to Flickr and print to Moo, QOOP or Blurb.
- You can use iCandy to access any site on the web. Some of our favorites include YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo News, Wikipedia, ESPN, CNET, shopping sites, Amazon.com and all your favorite blogs.

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