myibay Auction bid sniper 0.9

Optimize the process of placing eBay auction bids.
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Work with your eBay user profile and place the bids on items you like at the last moment. Gain an advantage and automatically perform the monitoring and active bidding at the set time or in a predictive mode. Avoid counter bids and check detailed activity reports.

Myibay Auction Bid Sniper is a tool for placing a bid on eBay at last seconds (sniping).Sniping helps to keep your interest in secret, avoid counter bids from other bidders, minimize shill bidding from sellers and more.
Good for items ending at non-convenient time when you sleep, at work, with your family on vacation or anything else.
Myibay Auction bid sniper support all eBay platforms, currencies and Auction listing types.It uses (also known as free service to place a snipe so you don't need to keep your Mac online all the



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