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XChat Azure 1.18

Supports private and group communication as well as file exchanges.
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XChat Azure is a chat client supporting Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a protocol that facilitates text-based communication. Although it supports private messaging, it is mainly intended for group communication via channels. Regrettably for some, the app has a geeky interface, with probably too many options for the common user.

In order to use this tool, it is required to provide user information. In this regard, it is possible to define various names or nicknames for yourself. Next step is selecting the desired network. Fortunately, there is an extensive list of predefined servers to choose from; moreover, you can also add other servers if you need to. Finally, you should pick one of the chat rooms available. Luckily, the client supports sending not only text but files as well.

Great news is there are various customizable aspects. One of them is that you can switch to invisible mode so that anyone knows you are connected. Likewise, you can write your own default messages. For instance, you can set the app to automatically switch your status to Away after 10 minutes of inactivity and send the corresponding messages to anyone trying to contact you.

Finally, the interface itself can be personalized by changing the window’s transparency level, putting time stamps on messages, using different colors for every nickname and setting a background image for the text box.

I regret to say that this version of the app is not free from bugs. For instance, when you click on a link, it opens in your browser twice. Similarly, it does not switch tabs when you press Shift + Command key.

All in all, XChat Azure can give you access to the wide community of IRC users. It lets you participate in forums, share files as well as chat privately. The product is free to use and available from the Mac App Store.

Pedro Castro
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  • Ample community of users
  • Supports file transfers
  • Highly customizable
  • Long list of predefined servers


  • Buggy
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