TRx 4.31

This phone recording software allows you to manually record telephone calls.

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TRx was designed for business call centers where a copy of TRx is installed on each workstation and connected to each telephone using a Handset Call Recording Connector, voice modem or professional telephony board. It can also be used in a similar way in other business environments or at home when you need to manually record one line.
For automatic recording or to record more than 1 telephone line on the same computer at the same time see the VRS Multiline Call Recording System. Also see Call Recording Software for an overview of all the options available for recording phone calls.
Records telephone calls using a voice modem, telephony card or a call recording adapter
Save recordings as wave or mp3 files or send recordings by email
Caller ID logging of all incoming calls
Start and stop recording with system-wide 'hot' keys
Find and Play recordings by duration, name and date
Speech Search recordings by keyword (requires speech engine)
Allows you to put calls on hold (professional music and messages
on-hold included)
Integrates with Express Burn to archive audio recordings to CD
Edit recordings with a linked WavePad Audio editor
Suitable for recording mobile cellular calls. See Call Recording Adapters for hardware information
Automatic mirror of recordings to an alternative (network) folder for backup
Regulates recording volumes levels automatically
[Optional] Display caller ID of incoming calls (subject to hardware and telephone network features)
[Optional] Play Recording started and stopped announcements and tones during recording (subject to hardware)

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