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Dive Log Manager allow you to manage your logbooks...
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Dive Log Manager is a free application for your Mac OS X desktop that is designed specifically to allow you to manage your logbooks between your Mac desktop and Dive Log on iOS.
Dive Log Manager 2.0 is a completely new application. Mac users will recognize the model that Dive Log Manager uses to display your diving logbook information.You can view information about your Dives, Buddies, Locations, Types of Dives, Equipment, and Personal Information about the scuba diver.
The Dives panel will show you a summary of the currently selected dive as shown here. There are popup's to show you information about the Buddies, Dive Type, Equipment, and Comments entered for that dive.
The Buddies, Locations, Dive Types, Equipment, and Personal panels show you detailed information about each of those items.

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