Emicsoft iPad to Mac Transfer 3.2

This application lets you transfer your iPad photos and videos to your Mac.
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Emicsoft iPad to Mac Transfer is an application that lets you download content from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac. This content includes photos, videos, music and ringtones. There is a similar app by Emicsoft called iPad Manager for Mac. That application lets you transfer content to your Mac as well, but it has a few more features than this one. There is a reason why this application is cheaper than the "manager" and that is because it lets you move data one way only. Still, if all you need to do is transfer photos or music to your Mac or another Mac, this app works like a charm.

When you connect your iOS device, the app will present you with an information summary about your device, including name, iOS version, serial number and the space occupied by videos, photos and other types of data, along with how much space is free. On the left, you can click on the different types of content that you can transfer to see a list of all the content on your device. Transferring a song is as easy as selecting it and choosing whether you want to export it to a folder on your Mac or to iTunes directly.

I was able to transfer content successfully with this app. The only problem I faced was that it took a long time to load pictures, especially many of them. Browsing pictures while they were loading was a nightmare because the list got refreshed back to the top constantly. And even if you let them load completely, but, for example, go to the music window and then switch back to photos, they start loading again.

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  • It works mostly well
  • Easy to use
  • It supports multiple iOS devices


  • Image browsing is not convenient



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