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Optimize and simplify logging operations for scuba diving activities. Keep track of your sessions, equipment, dates, and other relevant data. Build detailed logs of computer-based or related actions and store them in a protected environment with sorting, copying, and viewing options. Synchronize data between iOS and Mac.

Dive Log Manager is a utility that offers you the possibility to electronically edit and manage scuba diving logbooks. It is an application that permits users to manage logbooks between a Mac desktop and Dive Log on iOS, meaning that a desktop logbook can be synchronized with one from a mobile device. Dive Log is a scuba diving iDevice application used for collecting and organizing information on a diving site.
While being on the diving site, users can input data about the dive on their iDevice (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) and then, on their home arrival, they can merge the new information with the one already existing on their Mac desktop or MacBook. In this way, information can be collected while it is fresh. They can still add further information and then transfer the logbook back to their mobile device. If public WiFi is not available, syncing of data can be performed by setting up a WiFi connection between the two devices in question. Data that can be collected on diving sites can refer to the locations where the dives have taken place, the dive buddies that have participated along, the equipment that has been used, the weather and other details. Such facts can then be checked out in their individual tabs or in the "Dives" tab that resumes most of them. The "Dives" section presents a table where dives are described in terms of date, time and site they have taken place at, the time length they have stretched on and the maximum depth that they have reached. Air and water temperature, visibility and water surface are noted in their own screen section and graphics can be obtained with such data. One can check whom a certain dive was taken along with, what equipment was used then and what comments where necessary to be made related to that particular diving experience. There are several options that the utility offers yet more features can be made available through license purchase.
Dive Log Manager is a utility for scuba divers, be they professionals or amateurs, and allows them to sync logbooks on their Mac desktop with the ones on their iDevices that have the companion app, "Dive Log", installed on them.

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  • Scuba diving logbooks can be synced between Mac desktop and mobile devices from Apple
  • Several data can be input related to diving experiences


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