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Did I Click is a system utility that helps you keep track of when you click.
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Did I Click is a system utility that helps you keep track of all the clicks you do by using your mouse. The reason why this application exists is something that has happened to me many times. I often click on a button, maybe browsing a website, and nothing happens for a while, until I click again and the page changes. I often ask myself the question "Did I click?". Well, with Did I Click, you are always going to be sure that you clicked. There are two ways in which the application makes sure that you know when you click. First, the app gives you visual feedback when you click, in the form of a small red circle that appears when you click with the left button, and a green one when you click with the right button. Second, you can enable sounds that will play when you click. The sound is played once when you left-click and twice when you right-click.

You can change some settings and enable or disable visual and sound feedback from the Preferences window. You can change the size of the visual effect, the duration, and the color scheme. You can also choose a different sound for the clicks and adjust the volume.

When the application is running, you will be able to enable or disable both forms of feedback from a menu on your menubar.

José Fernández
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