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Boost your productivity by marking different types of contents.
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BookMarkable can help you boost your productivity as it lets you manage all your bookmarks from one place. Unlike many other applications that support bookmarking, this one allows creating bookmarks for practically everything. In this respect, it can generate links to the selected documents, folders and files. However, what makes it special is that it can also bookmark emails, calendar events and database entries thanks to its seamless integration with many other apps.

BookMarkable is quite a small and unobtrusive application accessible from the Menu Bar. You can easily create a new bookmark by giving it a name, providing the corresponding link (URL, path) and choosing the application generally intended to manage the link. Thus, depending on the type of target application, Bookmarks can hold simple text, rich text as well as HTML links that include embedded previews. Your bookmarks are available on the screen, from where you can simply open or embed them into other applications.

As said, BookMarkable integrates flawlessly with many other apps. In this regard, it combines with Evernote in a perfect way. By using both apps, you will be able to insert links directly on your notes.

In general, BookMarkable can help you quickly access multiple types of content or embed them into many other applications. Still, this may require users to create their own plugins.
The product can be used at no cost. However, the free version can create up to 20 marks only, so, if you need to make unlimited bookmarks, you can acquire that possibility as an in-app purchase.

Pedro Castro
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  • Can bookmark many types of contents
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Seamless integration with many other apps
  • Great integration with EverNote
  • Previewable bookmarks


  • May require users to create their own plugins
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