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A utility designed for saving, managing and automating search queries.
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GrandReporter is a piece of software designed for helping its users to better manage their frequent search queries.
The basic idea of the program is given by the fact that Internet users will repeat a certain search several times, in expectation of news on a subject. The utility can save the queries a certain user is interested in the most, and automate the search for them, so that there is no need for the user to repeat the search. When the terms of interest are in focus on a new page, a notification of available news will be given. Options such as to rate pages with up to five stars, to hide certain results or to create a Blacklist of Internet addresses are given by the program. Also, bookmarks can be created and result filters can be modified, however the latter may not seem very intuitive to apply and the manual does not compensate for that. When adding a query, certain settings can be made, such as to choose a certain site that the search is performed on, and that specific words are highlighted on the returned pages. The highlighting option does not appear to function properly, though.
GrandReporter is useful when news on a certain subject are expected to be available on the Internet or on a specific page and being informed about them on time is needed. It is a good tool for saving, managing and automating queries, however there are functions it promises to provide, but which do not work properly.

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  • Search queries can be saved, managed and automated so that new Internet posts on a subject are signaled when they occur


  • The highlighting of terms option does not seem to function
  • Few search results are returned


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