Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses 3.0

A simple to use application designed to enlarge areas of your screen.
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Paul Young

Computer Glasses is an application that allows users to enlarge any area of the screen. The utility is especially designed for people who suffer from visual impairment. With this tool, you will be able to zoom in on any item on the screen and read it. Computer Glasses works with any application, whether it is a web browser, a text editor or an image file.

The utility offers users one of four magnification levels: Slight, Medium, Larger, Largest. You can also choose between two shapes, circle and rectangle. Using Computer Glasses is very easy; simply drag the shape over the area you want to magnify. Users can enlarge the shape or shrink it depending on specific needs. Each time you change the size of the circle or rectangular area, the width and height will be displayed in the title bar.

All in all, Computer Glasses makes for a very useful accessibility utility. It's simple to use and most importantly, effective. However, it does lack keyboard shortcut support or custom magnification settings, encountered in most applications of similar genre.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple to use
  • 4 magnification levels
  • Magnification works with any item on the screen
  • Highly useful for the elderly or people who suffer from visual impairment


  • No keyboard shortcut support
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