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Computer Glasses enables you to enlarge any area from the screen.
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Paul Young

Computer Glasses is an effective magnifying tool that enables people with visual affliction to enlarge any screen area. You can use this handy application to zoom in areas of your browser, other various applications and files, like text documents and photos.

The program comes with easy to configure settings that help you adjust the zoom level (Slight, Medium, Larger or Largest), choose the area enlarging shape (circle or rectangle), and select the proper magnifier size (from 232*232 to 483*483). There's also an option to hide the zooming shape from the screen or minimize Computer Glasses once you finish checking the magnified area.

To me, a drawback of this application is the fact that I can't use keyboard shortcuts to immediately zoom a certain area from the desktop.

Taking into consideration the good and bad regarding this program, my belief is that it's worth trying Computer Glasses. The application makes it possible to zoom in the text content from a website or an image for clearer view with only a few clicks.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives you access to four magnifying levels and two area enlarging shapes
  • Comes in handy to those who have visual affliction


  • Still lacks keyboard shortcuts for easier access
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