Right Zoom

Right Zoom 2.3

This application expands screens to full screen mode.

Resizing windows on your Mac to full-screen mode isn't always accurate. Some screens might take over all of your desktop including the status bar. Other windows could resize to random resolutions. Right Zoom comes as a solution for the aforementioned issues as it changes the behavior of your green Zoom button and maximizes any window to full-screen mode.

The program doesn't bring you an actual interface. Instead, it gives you access to a Preferences panel where you can activate the zoom option and configure various settings according to your needs.

An advantage is that you can define a global hotkey for immediately resizing windows to full-screen mode. You can also set which other Mac apps should be left unaffected by the zoom option.

My only problem with this application is the fact that it displays annoying ads in its General window from the Preferences panel. Still, this aspect isn't a big deal considering the program completes its job and provides you with simple to configure settings. Plus, you won't get to see this Preferences window often as this app is a background process tool; you can configure the settings when needed and close it.

Hence, you should try this program if you got tired of the imprecise behavior of the green Zoom button.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Lets you choose which apps to be left unaffected by the zoom option
  • Easy to configure
  • Free


  • Displays annoying ads
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