aLaunch 1.0

This program offers an easy and quick way to launch apps on your Mac.
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aLaunch isn't just an app launcher for Mac. By working with this program, you can quickly and easily open third-party utilities, local directories, and documents. This tool is very simple to use and uses a small amount of CPU resources while it's running on your computer.

You can change the way aLaunch operates from its Preferences menu. The app enables you to create lists of utilities, folders, and files, delimited by separators (lines between groups of items).

I like the fact that you can choose to include recently used programs into the app launching list. This way, you have immediate access to frequently used utilities, without the need to look for the tools within your Applications folder and launch them.

Another advantage is that aLaunch comes with a very comprehensive help guide located within the Preferences menu. This manual teaches you how to configure the program accordingly and which hotkeys to use when working with aLaunch.

To sum things up, this application offers you a simple and quick way to launch apps, folders, and files on your computer. Plus, the program comes without a price tag. So, it's up to you to decide whether it's worth installing it on your Mac or not.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Allows you to add apps, files, and folders as launch items
  • Uses a small amount of CPU resources


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