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Installed 10 years ago
Battery Time Remaining
Battery Time Remaining - The application shows the estimated battery time remaining.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome - Explore the web using Google's super-fast browser.
Removed 10 years ago
Mishap 2 - An Intentional Haunting
Mishap 2 - An Intentional Haunting - Catch a group of pesky poltergeists and help the Burtons win back their home.
Installed 10 years ago
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Removed 10 years ago
AlarmBar - AlarmBar allows you to schedule alarms from anywhere on your mac.
Duo - Dual-paned web browser that lets you browse the web in two views: your standard
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Installed 10 years ago
Pages - A document editor for formatted text that provides a Mac alternative to Word.
Numbers - Plan a wedding. Save for retirement. Track your workouts.
Maps - Use every pixel of your display to explore new destinations.
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Removed 10 years ago
airWord - airWord lets you create, edit, and save all kinds of text documents.
Solver for Excel 2011
Solver for Excel 2011 - Solver module for Microsoft Excel 2011.
MOAI 2: Path to Another World
MOAI 2: Path to Another World - Moai 2: Path to Another World is a time management strategy game for Mac.
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Installed 10 years ago
QQ - QQ connects you to over 600 million Chinese QQ members and many of your favorite websites and useful tools.
Removed 10 years ago
Zen Bound
Zen Bound - Slow down, zone out, and focus on a task that’s challenging but not stressful.
Installed 10 years ago
Google Drive
Google Drive - Place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff.