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Microsoft Upload Center

See the state of files you're uploading to a server, in one location.
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Microsoft Office Upload Center now gives you a way to see the state of files you're uploading to a server, in one location. When you upload a file to a web server, Microsoft first saves that file locally to the Office Document Cache before it starts the upload, which means that you can save changes and immediately continue working even when you are offline or have a bad network connection. The Microsoft Office Upload Center lets you keep track of how uploads are progressing, and whether any files need your attention.

This is helpful in the following situations:

You have opened a file from a server, and the server goes offline. You can save the file, knowing that it will be uploaded when the server goes back online.

You've been working on files in an airport hotspot, and are about to board your flight. By checking the status in the Upload Center, you will be able to tell when the upload has completed and you can disconnect to board the plane.

An error occurs during the upload. You are alerted immediately, so that you can fix the problem and resume the upload quickly.

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