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YouTube bans gun modification tutorials after Vegas shooting

YouTube has been taking a lot of heat after the terrible incidents which took place in Las Vegas last week because it hosted many video tutorials on how to modify weapons and most importantly, instructional videos for bump stock modifications. While the complaints weren't completely justified as I'm sure YouTube wasn't the only problem, the video-sharing service has decided to take action and outright ban bump stock tutorials from the website.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the topic, a bump stock is a replacement for the rifle's original stock, which turns a semiautomatic weapon into a fully-automatic one, making it capable of inflicting a lot more damage a lot quicker. Not only are fully-automatic weapons illegal in pretty much every country that allows citizens to carry guns, but it's also a modification that no person actually needs at home, so YouTube's decision, as late as it is, seems perfectly legitimate. Unfortunately, even though this is a step forward, it's still not enough as there are many other sources willing to teach people how to modify guns on the regular and Internet, not to mention the Dark Web, which is usually the go-to place for people interested in learning how to commit a crime.

As far as I'm concerned, I think that every gun modification tutorial should be removed from publicly accessible online places as those interested in making their weapons "cooler" should do so through the proper channels and not as a DIY project. Especially in today's world when guns can actually be 3D printed, allowing people to freely make their already deadly guns into even deadlier ones seems like a terrible idea.