Optimize your slow Mac

There's nothing more frustrating than a Mac that takes a long while to execute your commands. Especially when you're in a hurry, not being able to do what you want to because the computer simply won't accept your input, can be downright aggravating. Fortunately, there are ways for you to solve this problem other than throwing your Mac away and buying a new one. Here are several applications that are specifically designed to optimize a slow Mac.



Most of the time, Macs are being slowed down by an excessive amount of junk, leftover files and installed applications that you no longer use. CCleaner is a tool that can really help you out with that. This tool will remove any junk data on your device, delete unneeded language files, clean your entire browsing history and completely uninstall the applications that you no longer need.



Serving pretty much the same purpose, CleanMyMac will clear the junk files from iTunes and iPhoto, the system junk and email attachments. Furthermore, it identifies the largest and oldest files on your Mac and offers to delete them, uninstalls applications and completely shreds the sensitive files that you don't want to be recovered.



In case you're looking for a more advanced solution, MacBooster has several interesting features. Besides being able to clean up the junk files from your Mac, the tool also embeds actual optimization features such as a memory cleaner that will free up some RAM, a defragmenter to make your hard-disk work more effectively and a startup manager to help you trim down the list of programs that are being launched automatically. Lastly, MacBooster also includes antimalware and antivirus technology.

SpeedUp Mac

SpeedUp MacSpeedUp Mac

Made by Stellar, SpeedUp Mac includes some decent junk cleaning options as it removes leftover files, the cache, and cookies that resulted from your web browsing sessions, etc. and also uninstalls the application and defragments your disk. However, what I really like about it is that it can find duplicate files and remove them, as well as identify the larger files on your Mac in case you need more free space in a hurry.

Trim Enabler

Trim EnablerTrim Enabler

Last on our list, Trim Enabler is a little bit different and it's only useful to those who use an SSD instead of a regular hard-disk. The tool's main purpose is to monitor the health of the Solid State Drive and to boost its writing and reading speeds by improving the communication between the hardware and the operating system. It provides detailed information about the device such as temperature, health, capacity, etc. and includes benchmarking tools so that you can see exactly how well your SSD is performing.

Just so you know, none of the applications above will work wonders; they will have a visibly positive effect on your Mac, but they're limited by your hardware. However, in case you've tried using these tools and your computer is still as slow a snail, you might want to look into some cyber-security products as the malware threat on Macs is on the rise.