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Manage files and folders in an easy way with Finder.
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zCommander is intended to help you manage files and folders easier than what is possible with Finder. In this regard, it facilitates some operations that involve two locations, such as copying and moving. In this respect, the tool’s interface has been designed in the spirit of the old “commanders”, so, you will probably feel quite comfortable using it if you have had previous experience with such applications.

zCommander allows you to work on various simultaneous locations thanks to its use of two panes, but that is not all, each of the panes allows browsing multiple folders as various tabs can also be opened. Fortunately, you can also navigate through a tree structure, which may be toggled on and off according to your needs. It is also good that the tool supports browsing not only local but networked drives as well.

As said, this file explorer comes with various features that ease working with folders and their contents. In this respect, it is possible to arrange files according to such properties as name, extension, size and date. Additionally, it has a powerful search function, which allows using a combination of various criteria. Likewise, it is possible to bookmark folders so that they can be readily accessed.

zCommander has the advantage of supporting operations not only via mouse operations but also keyboard shortcuts, which saves a lot of time. Similarly, there are also toolbar buttons to copy, cut and paste. Luckily, it has built-in capabilities to zip and unzip archives as well.

Despite its multiple advantages, it is a shame that zCommander also has some drawbacks. In this regard, you should know that it does not editing advanced permissions or extended attributes. You may equally miss Finder’s support of file flags.

In general, zCommander comes with most of the basic features you can find in other file explorers. It is ideal for users who have recently migrated from Windows to macOS and need some time to feel more comfortable. The product is shareware and can be tried with no restrictions for approximately a month.

Pedro Castro
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  • Double pane and multiple tabs
  • Support of both keyboard shortcuts and mouse operations
  • Powerful search function
  • Supports bookmarks
  • Built-in archiving support


  • Does not include editing advanced permissions or extended attributes
  • Does not allow using file flags
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