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FreeDMG is a free "disk imaging" application for the Mac.
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Kelley Computing

FreeDMG is a free disk imaging application for the Mac. This app is a great tool for creating image files from files on your Mac. One of the good things about it is that it allows you to work very fast. This is possible thanks to the support for drag and drop functionality. You can simply drag and drop files that you want in your image files to the application or its Dock icon and the process will be started right away. There are quite a few different image formats available. You can of course create DMG image files for distribution of files between Macs or you can create ISO images.

FreeDMG can also help you access features from the Mac OS X's image manipulation system. Some of the tasks are easier to use thanks to FreeDMG. Some of the supported image manipulation tasks are: encryption, decryption, resizing, conversion and segmentation.

FreeDMG seemed to be responsive and fast when I tested it. Creating an image file and mounting it was very easy. I simply dragged a file and the image was automatically mounted. I could then access files inside it like I would with any other DMG file.

José Fernández
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